Social Distancing and Contact Tracing Solution

Protect Your Employees and Keep Your Production Going.
Despite the positive trends in the reduction of COVID infections, there is still the real risk in the workplace for infections, pathogen contamination and associated productivity losses. RangeAware uses revolutionary new ultra-sonic transponder technology to improve employee safety and ensure sustainable operations. Data is collected in real-time using HIPAA-quality data protection and military-grade cyber security.

Only RangeAware Provides a Reliable Turnkey Solution

Employee Safety

Cyber Security

Resilient Operations

Service In Action

RangeAware in Action

See RangeAware’s reliable encroachment alerts in workplace settings.

How It Works

See how RangeAware detects and immediately reports encroachment and location information in a cyber secure fashion. Every RangeAware device also acts as a cyber secure data router that automatically creates a wireless, two-way mesh data network.

What This Service Will Do For You

Effective Social Distance Monitoring (SDM):
RangeAware very accurately and reliably measures personnel distancing using a precise, 6-foot detection bubble. It is the most effective service for efficient contact tracing, identification of areas where frequent contacts are occurring and highlighting areas of potential contamination for focused sanitization.

Long-Term, Non-Covid Benefits:
RangeAware will also provide a variety of features beyond SDM including wearer-initiated panic alert, automatic “Man-Down” notifications, auto-rollcall at muster stations, paging signals, auto-door opening, equipment operations and tracking, environment monitoring and much more.

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